Hi, I’m Michelle. Welcome!

Why I Started Universal Lights

The intention for this website came one day when I felt quite lonely and lost on my journey. I wasn’t sure what was happening to me, and I didn’t have anyone to turn to that could relate to the experiences that I was having. At that time, I really wished that there would be a community of like-minded individuals that I could connect with, to share stories of our journeys so that we know we are not alone.  It is my hope that this website can provide a place of comfort and support, of encouragement and inspiration for all of us that are on our soul journeys – most of all I hope that it can be a place of inspiration for people to truly live from their hearts.

The name Universal Lights came to me in a sudden ‘aha’ moment and in a flash, I envisioned the universe strewn with stars. At that moment, I saw that we are all connected, every single being on this planet. We are the stars, the sky, the space, the universe and most of all – we are light. Under this canopy of stars, we are one universe of lights and within us is the whole universe.

Even before my epiphany, I have always had an affinity with stars. When I was young, I would spend countless nights gazing at the stars outside my bedroom window. I often wondered if one day I could become a bright shining star. In high school, I wrote in my graduation page that, ‘as we step forth onto a new path, may we all become bright shining stars that gleam through the darkest of times.’ Now that I look back at this wish, I know that more than ever, it still holds true; but perhaps now, I would change to say that my wish for all of us is to find our true North Star and to allow the light within us to shine. Like the North Star that stays constant despite the night sky of stars traveling across the sky, I’ve now learned that star means destiny and I hope that we may all find our true north, our true light and true destiny.

I have followed my heart, been graced with a greater awareness to life, and found the true guiding light within me and I hope that you can too.

May we all shine and be the light that we truly are, to be empowered and guided to find and live our truths, our purpose and to find our path and way home.