Children Mirroring Our Lives

Last year, my son had few months where he had an issue of constantly needing to go to the washroom. Again, this dated back to when my husband was sick and undergoing chemotherapy treatment. At that time, we simply concluded that it had to do with him being too ‘heaty’ inside the body, as the Chinese would say. Since it came and went, we didn’t pay too much concern to it.

But after moving back to Vancouver, these frequent peeing episodes became more frequent and longer. We brought him to the doctor for urine tests and the results came back normal. We brought him to a naturopath for supplements but the frequent peeing would still come and go. My father said it was probably some sort of anxiety and suggested to ignore it and it will probably subside on its own. 

Visiting my homeopath one day, we were talking about my son and she sent me some information called PresentChild, which is essentially based on the premise that our children is the perfect similimum for the parent and that the cured parents the perfect remedy for the children. Our children come to us as a mirror and as much as we want them to be happy, they want the same for us. So by looking at our children, the symptoms that they have, their behavior and play, it allows the parent to look at which area of their life their children may be reflecting to them. 

With this piece of insight, I decided to look at my own life. Knowing that the underlying emotion of the kidney is worry and anxiety, I looked at where I could be having anxiety in my own life. Immediately, I realized that I have been very worried about moving back to Hong Kong. The time came closer to us leaving Vancouver and I felt really anxious within myself because I knew that I did not like Hong Kong or the environment and didn’t know whether I could live there anymore. Despite my own worries, I talked to my son and told him that mommy wasn’t worried about moving back to Hong Kong, it will be a great adventure and we could do all sorts of fun things. After our talk, I could not believe it, his frequent urination problem miraculously and instantly disappeared and didn’t come back again.  Something that had gone on for months suddenly went away after a simple talk. Once again, it confirmed to me that not only can we help our children address their physical issues through talking, but also our children are truly mirrors of our own lives. When we stop to listen, see and understand what our children our telling us, we will begin to make the necessary changes in our own lives for healing, health and well being for both ourselves and our children.

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*Note that this article is in no means suggesting or claiming any diagnosis or replacement for treatment, medications or therapies. 


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