Emotion Release Activities With Your Child

Angry Letters

One exercise for releasing anger I do with my children is Angry Letters. I give them a piece of paper and crayons and ask them to draw out all the angry or sadness, or whatever emotion is bothering them that are still in their tummy. I let them draw as much as they want and after that we rip the paper together and throw it out. Then I tell them that we are throwing out all the angry and there’s no need to hold onto it anymore.

Angry Balloons

Another exercise I do with my children is Angry Balloons. I came up with this exercise for my son and daughter as an experiment to see what way I can help him release anger without doing anything violent like hitting or punching a pillow. After the first time I did it with him, he told me that it really helped to get all the angry out from his tummy.

Step 1: Ask your child to blow into a imaginary balloon, which you create by cupping the palm of your hands.

Step 2: As your child blows into the balloon, stretch your palms further apart so that it gets bigger and bigger.

Step 3: Ask your child whether the balloon is big enough and when they say yes, ask what your child what they want to put inside. (Telling you the issue that’s upsetting them into the balloon)

Step 4: Tie the balloon up, ask them to pop it with an imaginary needle and then make an explosion sound and release the balloon into the air.

For more reading on Children and Emotional Healing, please refer to my articles Tips for Talking to Children for Emotions and Healing, Children Mirroring Our Lives,  and How to Help Children Heal Through Revealing Their Hidden Emotions.

*Note that these activities are suggestions only and by no means replacement for conventional treatments or therapy

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