Graced by An Angel

Recently we had to move again, I had packed all our suitcases and was getting ready to go and move everything into the car and head to the hotel in downtown for a few days while we found another place to rent.  In light of last year’s experience of moving 7 times, a part of me felt so tired and exhausted at the thought of moving yet again and this time, literally not knowing where to go.

I felt a tinge of sadness at the thought of letting go of this house that I really liked, but we had to move because I physically wasn’t feeling well there, yet the idea of settling down and creating a home for my children was tugging at my heart. I finally pushed the suitcase out the door and heaved it to the edge of my car. I honestly felt alone, our nanny was no longer with us, my husband was half way across the world, and it was just my kids and I.  At that moment, I realized that the suitcase was way too heavy for me to even lift by myself into the trunk of the car. What was I going to do? Just as I was thinking about how I was going to get the suitcase into the car, an old Asian grandma like lady walked down the street, she saw me with the suitcase gave me the biggest smile and obviously she couldn’t speak English so she used her hands and gestured to ask if I needed help with the suitcase. I was very skeptical about accepting her offer though because she looked so skinny and frail I was afraid that allowing her to help with the suitcase would hurt her. But there wasn’t anyone else nearby so out of desperation I smiled and accepted her offer. She walked over with a light bounce and skip and as we lifted the suitcase together I realized that I didn’t even exert an ounce of effort, and as for the sweet lady, it seemed like she lifted that suitcase as if it was the weight of a feather, it was so effortless and beautiful, I couldn’t believe she was able to do it! I thanked her for her help and to my mind, the only way I could explain this being possible was that I was graced by the help of an earth angel.

I couldn’t help to ponder at this incident and be amazed and awed at the miraculous impossibility of things. How did she lift this suitcase that I couldn’t even muster up the strength to lift, and with such ease. This has definitely taught me to have more trust in the universe, it rekindled my faith that everything I need will be provided for me at the perfect time and also it taught me to allow for possibilities. In my rationale mind, there was no way, this frail, skinny, sweet old lady in her seventies that looked liked she weighed 80 pounds could ever lift this heavy suitcase, heck, I couldn’t even lift it up, but it happened. So next time you have doubts and when things don’t appear as your mind would expect, try having a little faith and let the universe support you in miraculous ways.

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