How to Help Children Heal Through Revealing Their Hidden Emotions

In my own healing journey, I have witnessed and experienced that physical discomforts often have underlying emotional issues. Once the underlying issues are addressed, the physical body is once again able to restore back to health and balance. To be healthy in mind, body and soul, we must begin by stopping and listening to what our bodies, emotions and feelings are communicating to us. Along the way, I was grateful to discover that similar to adults, children also experience physical healing if we talk to them about the underlying issues that are bothering them. It’s so simple; sometimes it still amazes me how miraculously a physical symptom can disappear once the underlying emotion or issue is brought into light.

From my experiences with my own children, and through observation and witness, I hope that this method may be of insight and value for you and your little ones.  Every child would probably differ in the physical issue they manifest and the underlying emotional cause.  As a mother, it will most likely take a mixture of intuition, talking and trial before you can find the way that works best for you and your child. But nonetheless, the stories below are meant to share how I was able to support my own children to bring their health back to balance simply through understanding and talking. From stomachaches, leg cramps, sore thumbs, nosebleeds, headaches and fevers, I have used this method of addressing the underlying emotion or issue through talking to my children and have been able to help them heal sometimes instantly from the physical discomfort.

Story of How I Discovered This Method

Ever since my husband got sick, my son started getting leg cramps in the middle of the night. He would sleep and then suddenly wake up with pain and tears rolling down his cheeks. We would always go over and help him stretch his leg and rub it until it eventually subsided thinking that it was probably another muscle leg cramp from too much running during the day.  We then moved back to Vancouver for a while and throughout the whole year, my 4-year-old son’s leg cramps got worse. One night, he had his usual leg cramps but no matter how much massaging and stretching it wouldn’t go away. He cried out to me for help and out of desperation I prayed for guidance on what I need to do to help my son. Did I need to bring him to a doctor? Did I need to give him some medication? In an instant, an idea came to me. I have been working with emotional release for my own healing during the last few months and I found that often when I simply talked about a problem, the physical symptom would resolve quite rapidly, sometimes even instantly. As Lucas cried in pain, I asked him to listen to what his cramps were saying. He stopped for a moment and then protested and said he couldn’t hear.  I reassured him that he could because it was his body and he would be able to hear what it had to say. Suddenly he told me that his cramps are telling him that he misses his dad and aunt that both recently left Vancouver.  I talked to him and told him that it was ok and that I was sorry he felt this way and that he would see his dad and aunt very soon.  With that, his face expressed relief and the painful cramps that he was struggling with for the past half hour just suddenly disappeared as if it never came. He fell asleep peacefully and slept through the night.

After that night, every time my son had a leg cramp I would do the same. I would talk to him and every time when we were able to talk about the thing that bothered him, the leg cramp would subside.  Since I have started doing this with him, his cramps have reduced in frequency to once a month or even less and now he rarely gets it. When he does, I know that there is something that is bothering him and I take it as a sign to talk to him. Ever since, I have used the same method to support my son with various physical manifestations he has experienced and up to this point, it has worked every time. I often refer to a list of physical manifestations and its underlying emotional causes and I found that it is pretty accurate in helping to pinpoint the emotion or issue that is bothering my son.  I have referred to Caroline Myss’ book, The Anatomy of Spirit and recently Louise Hay’s, You Can Heal Your Body for insights about the underlying emotional triggers.  In addition, I find that when I resolve my own feelings and emotions about something, he will also heal whether it’s emotionally or physically. We are so connected with our children, emotionally and energetically and children are also our mirrors. They often show us what we are unable to see about our life situations, or ourselves, acting as teachers to reveal to us our own hidden emotions, issues and feelings.

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 *Note that this article is in no means suggesting or claiming any diagnosis or replacement for treatment, medications or therapies.


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