I Wish, I wish

We dropped my husband off at the airport yesterday as he needed to head back to Hong Kong to work after staying with us for 2 months. The days leading up to his departure was bitter sweet, we were so happy spending time together yet we all knew that it would be painful to part again, not knowing when he will be back. The night before my husband’s flight, my son kept on wishing that he could stay for just one more day. My daughter also wished that he could stay longer and of course, I didn’t say it out loud but I secretly wished the same thing.

As we headed out to the airport and said our goodbyes, we tearfully parted and for a whole hour my son cried and cried. It was very heartbreaking and sad. We went about our day after and drove around to get some errands done. My son suddenly asked me for the time so I took out my phone and to my surprise I saw 8 missed calls from my husband! The time was 3:45pm and his flight should have already departed! We didn’t want to be too excited but we quickly called him back and excitedly found out that he indeed missed his flight!!

In the end, he couldn’t get on the plane because during security check, the line up that he was in was completely backed up. The scanning machine in his lineup suddenly broke down and caused him to be late, while all the other ones were working perfectly fine. Despite the airport crew driving him to the gate in a car at top speed, the door just closed the minute he got to the departure gate. We were all so happy and spent and cherished this extra day together.

So in the end my husband stayed for one more day. Out of all the passengers, my husband was the only one that missed the flight. He jokingly said to my son that his wish was so powerful that it made the scanning machine breakdown. Perhaps it wasn’t just my son’s wish; perhaps it was also his love for my husband that was able to invoke this miracle. Regardless, I knew we had divine assistance and secretly thanked the divine for hearing the love and longing in our hearts and granting us my son’s wish for my husband to stay ‘just one more day.’

When there is a true longing in our hearts, I really do believe that the divine hears us and the most unexpected and miraculous things can happen. We don’t need to know how; we just need to have faith that things will unfold for our highest good.

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