Stories of LIfe

Today I was watching a recent episode of Raising Hope where Jimmy and Sabrina compete against each other with posting videos online. They compete to see who has the most followers and who captures the most dramatic family stories. Their co-workers at work spend time engrossed with watching these videos everyday. And at the very […]

Just Another Identity

In these past few weeks, I have been struggling to make a decision whether to let my son stay in the Waldorf School that he is currently in or to switch him to an International School that is Christian based. I debated and jumped back and forth in my mind over and over. As a […]

Shattering My World

The other day I was watching the recent episode of New Girl where Schmidt throughout his life thought that he had been conversing with Michael Keaton from The Batman movie. It began when his mother started writing letters to him from Keaton after his father left them and throughout college, Nick continued with this role […]