My life coach once told me that of the 7 billion people in the world we are really just one and to understand our life mission is to ask what the divine wants to manifest through us? Out of 7 billion people in the world, what I’m I called to manifest this lifetime on earth?

Today, while driving, I thought about the many pots of vegetables that I recently planted and labeled with my son that have sprouted. But for some reason, all the labels I’ve put onto the pots either fell off or were smudged and since we planted so many things I had no idea what vegetable was growing out from which pot. And suddenly a thought occurred to me, what if I was a seed planted by God? And I’ve finally begun to sprout, but just like the potted vegetables that I planted, I had no label.

When my life coach suggested I sit with the questions of “Why I’m here,”, “Who am I” and What I’m being called to do and become” I had difficulty answering because I already had so many preconceived notions of who I was and who I was supposed to be. It was only in the recent few months that I woke up to the realization that I had a deeper purpose in life and that I had a life mission which my soul set forth to accomplish during its time on this earth. But because I was already so set in my identifies of a ‘mom’ or ‘wife’ or ‘marketing manager’ or even ‘business entrepreneur’ that it was difficult for me to step outside of the box to envision myself as something different outside the scopes of my old identities.

But with this sudden epiphany that perhaps I was also a seed that has been planted for a specific purpose; it was easier to start from a blank slate to really ponder and hear the answers. So if I were a seed without a label, then who am I? (what seed I’m I?) why was I planted? (what I’m I being called to do)? And what will I grow into? (who I’m I being called to become?), and with a simple shift in questions I was able to envision unlimited possibilities. I could be a vegetable, a tree, a plant, a beautiful flower, a cactus. And what was a called to do, was I to provide food for sentient beings or simply sit in beauty and help with the natural processes and ecosystems of life? And what qualities do I need? Lets say I would grow into a windflower that would call me to become flexible and adaptable because they wandered and drifted with the winds.

So in other words, who do I want to be and who I’m I called to be? Without a label, I could be anything, and what I ultimately grew into allows for unlimited possibilities and just like how the growth of a plant slowly unfolds through time until ultimately it becomes its full potential, so am I. My life is still unfolding and perhaps has just begun to sprout in a spiritual sense and who I am will continue to unfold until one day I am in full bloom and fully embody the highest version of this seed’s fruit that I am called to be.

What seed would you be?

Photo Credit: Tom Gill
Used under Creative Commons License. 

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