Something Better Than I Could Ever Imagine

Sitting in the car with my husband at the wheel and Emma and Lucas at the backseat, I was determined to bring my kids to the beach that day. However, my husband stubbornly refused and insisted that we go and explore the dock in SaiKung. I was not happy about his persistence to visit the dock because in my mind, I had the day all planned out, we would play sand and I longed to step into the ocean and feel the warm ocean water and allow my feet to be immersed into the shore of beautiful fine grain sand at the beach beside my son’s Waldorf school.

Finally, we arrived at the SaiKung dock, my son took out his scooter and we had a failed attempt at launching and flying our kite given the small space and lack of wind that day. All of a sudden, we heard a small boat pull up to the dock, my husband with his usual curious nature went over to chat with the boat driver. There was a sign on the boat with the name of some island. Suddenly my husband excitedly waved at us to come over and said that we should hop on and see where it would take us. I again was absolutely reluctant, first of all, I wanted to go to the beach and secondly I did not feel like hoping onto a boat that I wasn’t sure where it would lead to, I wasn’t in the mood for an adventure. In the end, my husband won with his enthusiasm and we put all our stuff back into the car and rushed to get onto the boat.

As the boat slowly pulled out into the ocean, I couldn’t help but relax a bit and began to enjoy the warm ocean breeze and beautiful views of low islands surrounding us. The ride was very short, must have been less than 10 minutes before we began to see a beautiful white sand beach before our eyes. I couldn’t believe it, not only was the beach beautiful and peaceful, it was absolutely secluded and empty. To find a beach in Hong Kong that was empty is like trying to find a needle in a haystack, next to impossible. But there it was, I couldn’t believe it, we all jumped off the boat with excitement and as we ran towards the shore and beach, above our heads were eagles soaring in the sky. I was in absolute awe and gratitude.

We spent the day there, it was so peaceful and beautiful, my kids laughed and played in the sand, and my daughter stood by the ocean shore for hours…

Looking back at this, I couldn’t help but see how I had been stubbornly stuck with the idea of the beach that I wanted to go to. As well, I saw that I was so fixated on that beach and focused on the way I knew to get there. I would never in a million years have imagined that this little boat would take us to a secluded island. If I hadn’t let go of control and taken that leap and jumped onto that boat, I would never have discovered this beautiful secluded beach.

I can’t help but wonder, how much of our lives are lived like this? What would happen if we were to let go of the reigns a bit and allowed for possibilities? When we hold onto our ideas and ways so firmly perhaps it becomes impossible for the universe to show us anything other than what we can imagine. If only we would surrender our ideas and expectations of how things should be and how things can be delivered, then maybe we will be able to experience more miracles in life.

In the end, the universe did bring me to a beach, it wasn’t the one that I had in my mind of course, because it was something that I couldn’t conjure up since I wasn’t even aware it existed. This beautiful experience has really shown me that the universe really can deliver to us things that are better and greater than our minds can imagine and in the most delightful and unexpected ways – if we allow ourselves to be open to it.

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