Sweetness of Life

Been feeling a bit blue today, partially from the rainy weather and partially from feeling a bit lonely…

As I pondered about what nurturing and happy thing to do for myself, I decided that I needed some sweetness in my life and went to visit my favourite Rain Or Shine ice cream shop. I walked inside, thinking I would get their seasonal cereal milk ice-cream flavor again.

To my surprise the whole board of seasonal flavours changed and not only that, BUT it had a new flavour that I’ve been craving! When I went to Rain or Shine last week, I remember thinking to myself that I really hoped they would make black sesame flavoured ice cream. Being Asian, I naturally gravitate towards flavours with a touch of Asian flair like Matcha or Black Sesame and they’ve never had many flavours like that before in the past except for Matcha, which was also one of my favourite seasonal flavour that was on their menu two years ago.

Today, not only did they have Matcha back again but they also made a black sesame flavour on their seasonal menu, which was what I wished for just a week ago! And to top it all off, it was ‘Black Sesame Butter Mochi’, I nearly cried. Since I’ve come back to Vancouver from Hawaii last week, I’ve been missing the local Bubbies mochi ice cream and thinking about it everyday. It really felt like the universe wanted to cheer me up by delivering to me a combination of the two things that I’ve been thinking about, which was even better than I could have ever imagined! As I drove away in utter astonishment, enjoying my matcha and black sesame ice cream; I couldn’t help but wonder at the magic of all this and how the shop owner knew to make such a flavor which seemed like it was made specially for me!

This is the second time that it’s happened and I’ve only ever thought about wanting a certain ice cream flavour twice and both times I found them at Rain or Shine. Two summers ago, I fell in love with yellow plums. We found some on a tree in a back alley and picked them to eat. They were the most delicious and sweetest plums that I’ve ever tasted and one day I thought to myself that I would really love to have yellow plum flavoured ice cream. A few days later, I went to Rain or Shine with a friend and my jaw nearly dropped to the floor. Right on the menu board was ‘Yellow Plum Cardamom flavoured ice cream!’ – True story!

With this, my heart couldn’t help but open up and feel sweetness and a sense of love and awe. Its in moments like these, where I am reminded that I am loved and that the universe cares about me; even down to the smallest details of the ice cream flavours that I am craving.

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