Tending the Moments in Life

Living in Hong Kong has not been an easy journey. In the quest for a way to be able to connect to nature and stillness amidst this dense, fast-paced, crowded city has definitely been a challenge for me. I find that daily, I long for peace and stillness, and the quietness of being in the countryside amongst nature, barefoot walks on the grass, a breath of fresh, crisp air, the rustling of leaves during fall, the beautiful smell of morning dew, the grounding energy of a lush forest, freshly cut grass and the illuminant sky scattered with beautiful bright stars. These things are what bring me true joy and it is also nature that helps to nurture my soul.

Having recently begun to accept my sensitivity, I have started to honour and listen to my body’s needs for quiet and nature. In the past, I would question why I couldn’t be like everyone else. I used to think up until recently that there was something wrong with me. Especially when I found out that not everyone gets dizzy under white lights, or gets tiny shocks on their fingers when they use their iphones, or feels overwhelmed in crowds, can’t watch horror or violent films or the news. Instead of trying to force myself to do these things now, I simply acknowledge that I am sensitive and in that sense, my needs and reactions will be different than most other people I know.  I found that taking this step in acknowledging and accepting my own sensitivity has allowed me to connect with myself on a deeper level.

While listening to Adyashanti’s webcast today, he shared that yes the big moments of opening are wonderful, and meditating daily for an hour to connect with stillness is great but there are so many other moments throughout the day.  Rather than focusing on the big moments and holding onto those experiences as a consumer, direct our attention to the small moments in life. If we take the many small moments everyday and find the time to connect to our deeper selves, that is how things will grow. With this, something about my longing for nature and a deeper connection to stillness and quietness in this big city clicked.

Rather than always longing for that walk on the grass in our backyard in Vancouver or living in the memory of my arms around the big tree close to our house. I found that I could connect with nature in small moments everyday, even in Hong Kong.  I took a moment today and held the blossom of a beautiful flower on my palm and took time to really admire it. The petals, the dark luscious pink colour, its delicateness and I could feel my heart open to this small precious moment, connecting with a small piece of nature within the palm of my hands.

Today when I stopped and closed my eyes to connect with the place of stillness within me, I found that everything was already there. The beautiful garden, the rolling grass for me to run barefoot across, the beautiful grounding energy of the forests. All I had to do was be still and I could connect with the nature that I so longed for, and with that, I seemed to have found a key that opened the door to life’s moments and the deeper place of stillness within me.

So be it connecting with a small part of nature amidst this busy bustling city, or connecting with that part of you that is stillness, or love, in life’s small moments, it brings you closer to the whole, and when we tend to that everyday it too will begin to open and grow.

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