I offer in person and telephone sessions and through each session the intention is to support, awaken, inspire and empower you to find your true self, and inner light and guidance so that you can walk your journey and path that is true for you, to have true joy every moment and to live from a place of light, love, inner peace, joy, beauty, abundance, gratitude and grace.

Sessions can help to:

– Help connect to and find your north star, inner guidance and allowing your inner light to shine

– Realization of life mission and reason for being here and what one is here to do

– Life puzzle – look at the patterns and synchronicities in life

– Live with a sense of lightness, ease, and effortlessness and to find and live your personal truths

– To co-create your destiny and live your dreams, passions and the life you intend and want

– Wake up everyday doing what you love and making a living from it

– Awaken and become more conscious every moment

– Shedding all aspects that are not the true being you are

– Letting go of the past and create from the future

– Finding meaning and moving forward in life through synchronicities, guiding patterns and miracles

– Following and living from the heart

– Removing stress, old patterns and beliefs to empower you to let go of the past and live life

– Energy techniques and integrations to clear the thoughts, self-sabotage, doubts, fears, energies and beliefs that are repeating and holding you back

– Life mission focus exercises to deepen your remembrance for being here, to discover who you are, and to create the way for living it

Feel free to contact me to setup an initial free 30min session, I offer both in-person and skype or phone sessions. I believe it is very important to work with someone that you truly resonate and feel comfortable with so that you can receive the support, encouragement and inspiration that you need on your journey.

Brand and Marketing Consulting

Brand and Marketing Consulting

Knowing who you are and what you stand for, is the key to building a successful practice or business that you dream of. I believe to positively market yourself, it’s not about seeing how you can intentionally be different from other people, and everyone in the world is unique, just like no single snowflake is the same. We are all here to offer our unique gifts to the world, be it a service or product. It’s about recognizing and bringing forth this uniqueness so that you can really allow yourself, your service and brand to shine. When you are able to clearly know, trust and believe in your uniqueness and edge so to speak, and ignite the light within; the universe will work to bring the right people and circumstances to you.

I offer a unique approach to branding and marketing that incorporates spiritual laws of manifestation, intentions, abundance, flow, inner guidance and synchronicities to help align you with your highest intentions and life mission. Through a combination of consultation and coaching, we are able to create a brand and marketing platform that is right for you. From identifying the inner barriers, and discovering more deeply your uniqueness and who you are, what you stand for and believe in, we are then able to truly ignite the light within and allow this light to shine through from you and then extending to your practice, service and business. Allowing your business, practice to be an extension of you from within, and recognizing and allowing your inner light to shine. Ultimately all branding and marketing reflects who you are. It is my hope that through my services, I can help you live your dreams, passions, and calling and make a living from your life mission. This is truly brand and marketing consultation for your mind, heart and soul

With over 10 years in 4As advertising agencies and marketing and events experience in multi-national corporations as well as boutique entrepreneurial businesses. Combining this with coaching and life mission work, I partner with individuals to setup, build and grow their practices, services and entrepreneurial businesses from the inside out. I offer both consultation as well as website, logo, brand design and development.

  • Identify and increase branding through marketing and advertising initiatives
  • Connecting with your target clients and consumers that are right for you
  • Recognizing who you are, your beliefs and what you stand for
  • Find the defining uniqueness of you or your brand and using that as a platform to create a brand and marketing plan that helps you stand out
  • Multi-platform solutions including social media, joint promotions, viral marketing, print, online combined with manifestation and attraction principles
  • Evolving and building your practice and business as you change and grow
  • Coaching on recognizing signs, inner guidance and synchronicities to bring you the opportunities to help move your practice and business forward
  • Identifying and clearing impediments in the way of building a successful practice (includes self-limiting beliefs, thoughts and patterns)
  • Explore tuning in to inner guidance, and recognizing synchronistic guidance, patterns and signs to help move you and your business forward and evolve
  • Learning to successfully to hold and manifest intentions and goals

Fees: $100 per hour

Package of Marketing & branding and coaching plan (excludes web and material development, quotations for these can be provided upon request)

Package for Marketing & branding, coaching and web, material development